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How Indium Enables Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

May 25, 2017

Indium offers an option for low-temp semiconductor advanced packaging applications.

For a group of emerging electronics applications, high-temperature manufacturing processes pose significant challenges. In this interview, Dow’s experts explain the drivers for its latest SOLDERON plating chemistry leveraging the material properties of indium.

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Examining Unique Plating Challenges of TSVs

January 17, 2017

Cu TSVs present a number of unique plating challenges to optimize performance.

This tutorial examines the concept of copper (Cu) through silicon via (TSV) electroplating, which, when done optimally, increases reliability and decreases cost of subsequent process steps.

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Copper Pillar Electroplating Tutorial

December 08, 2016

This tutorial examines the requirements and processing considerations for electroplated copper pillars used in advanced chip packaging applications. The key aspects of the plating process and the role of each in achieving the desired design and performance goals are described.

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Copper Electroplating Fundamentals

November 22, 2016

A short tutorial examining the fundamentals of copper plating

This tutorial examines the concept of copper electroplating and how the process works. It also discusses its use in advanced packaging applications like the dual damascene process, TSV, copper pillars, and copper RDL, as well as how feature geometry as well as plating time affect how additives behave.

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