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SPN Viewpoint 2018: The Fan-Out Conversation and Memory Growth Continue

February 15, 2018

Rob_Kavanagh_headshot_reducedAs we kick off 2018, it’s the time of year when industry publications take a look ahead to what industry leaders are expecting to happen. With the semiconductor industry coming off of a very strong year in 2017, there are questions about how sustainable and strong the growth trajectory will be. One of the biggest drivers in the semiconductor industry for the past several years has been advanced packaging, with the industry turning to packaging to address performance and cost challenges along with the drive for increased device functionality in smaller form factors.

Rob Kavanagh, Global Business Leader for Advanced Packaging Technologies, recently looked ahead to where he sees advanced packaging going in 2018 from an electronic materials perspective. First published in full in the SPN newsletter, we also wanted to share an excerpt here:

“As an advanced packaging materials supplier, the growing adoption of fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) challenges us to meet different design rules and materials specifications for redistribution layer dielectric materials, for example. It will be interesting to see how this trend spills over into the mainstream smartphone market, as well as other applications that would benefit from FOWLP.

We’re also watching the memory market closely as it continues its upward trajectory... We’re excited about this because it confirms that advanced packaging is becoming the platform of choice for more device markets.”

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