Dow Electronic Materials

MICROFILL™ SFP Acid Copper Earns Dow its Ninth NPI Award in 10 Years

April 09, 2018

Photo of Dow’s 9th PCD&F Award honoring Microfill SFP Acid Copper. Dow Electronic Materials is honored to be the recipient of PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB’s prestigious New Product Introduction (NPI) Award for best new plating technology, this time for its MICROFILL™ SFP Acid Copper. The 2018 NPI Award ceremony took place February 27, 2018, at the San Diego Convention Center. This is the ninth NPI Award Dow Electronic Materials has added to its trophy case since 2009, six in Plating, one in Surface Treatment, one in Final Finishes and one in the Imaging category.

“The judges noted the capacity of Microfill SFP Acid Copper to fill vias of 10 microns or less at high throughput rates,” said Mike Buetow, editor in chief, PCD&F. “Its application on a range of substrates including polyimides make it a worthy recipient of the NPI Award.”

The NPI Awards are presented to acknowledge excellence in new product development for printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication. Recipients are selected by an independent panel of practicing industry engineers.

“We are honored to be recognized for our continued efforts in designing chemistries with ever-wider process windows that allow device manufacturers to achieve their roadmap goals,” said JR Chen, Global Business Director, Interconnect Technologies, Dow Electronic Materials.

“Thank you to PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB for hosting this annual awards program to recognize companies that endeavor to keep pace with the rapidly evolving microelectronics industry.”

As mobile device manufacturers clamor for increased IC density to support the data explosion, there is not a single link in the microelectronics supply chain not being affected. Shrinking advanced semiconductor nodes call for finer-pitch package interconnects, which, in turn, need package substrates that can support very fine lines and concentrated vias. These requirements pose a challenge for via-filling ability, plating thickness reduction and uniformity.

MICROFILL SFP Acid Copper is a new-generation via-filling acid copper designed to address the PCB metallization and electrolytic plating bottlenecks caused by ever-tightening requirements. It targets vias that are 25 to 35µm deep and 30 to 50µm wide on patterned boards with line width and spacing in the range of 2 to 20µm. Its outstanding distribution uniformity performance in pattern PCBs enables the industry to achieve advanced fine-line solutions for much thinner and smaller devices, while also reducing warpage concerns caused by a build-up process. Additionally, its enhanced via filling with faster, void-free bottom-up fill capabilities makes it possible to achieve thinner-surface plating thickness, and results in smaller device dimensions. A green product formulated without formaldehyde, MICROFILL SFP Acid Copper achieves excellent thermal reliability.

Substrates in IC packages pose special challenges for very fine lines and concentrated vias. Any steps that can be taken to reduce total substrate thickness without negatively impacting performance will provide IC substrate suppliers with a competitive advantage. Learn more about these challenges and how we solve them in our blog: “Tailoring Copper Plating for Vias on IC Package Substrates.”