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Rozalia Beica To Provide the Material Supplier Perspective at ConFab 2018

May 17, 2018

Rozalia Beica, ConFab 2018 Expert Panelist

Each year, leaders from across the semiconductor supply chain gather for the ConFab to discuss the latest trend in semiconductor device manufacturing. Rozalia Beica, a director in new business development for the new Electronics & Imaging business in DowDuPont’s Specialty Products Division, has been invited to represent industry suppliers as the only panelist from this segment featured in the Panel on Heterogeneous Integration. Beica is a leading industry expert and recognized speaker on semiconductor advanced packaging.

Taking place on May 22 from 2:25-4:00 p.m. and moderated by ASE’s Bill Chen, the panel will look at how packaging technologies are enabling innovative solutions that achieve system application requirements while maximizing system-level performance to meet cost, performance, form factor and reliability goals.

“Materials are a critical component for successful heterogenous integration architectures,” explained Beica. “It’s not only the integration of the devices that need consideration, but the interaction of diverse materials with different characteristics that have to work in harmony to achieve the desired end result. The value our business brings to the industry is not just a wide range of materials, but knowledge about the material capabilities themselves, and how and where to use them.”

Each of the panelists will have 15 minutes to present their point of view, followed by Q&A. Representing the Heterogeneous Integration Working Group, Bill Bottoms, 3MTS, will discuss presenting Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap activities. Xin Wu, Xilinx will discuss implications that impact silicon processes. David McCann, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, will talk about the challenges of integrating devices, and Dr. Meyya Meyyappan, NASA Ames Research Center, will focus on emerging devices.

Beica will talk about market requirements for heterogeneous integration from the IC to system levels, given the diverse package architectures combined with the convergence of multiple industries (Figure 2). There is significant variation in manufacturing processes, so it is important to take the performance requirements of the final application into consideration, as well as integrating devices on the wafer and panel. Some requirements apply across different markets, such as miniaturization, increased performance and functionality, and reduced cost. Others, like biocompatibility, thermal management, speed, power consumption, efficiency, latency and power density are application specific. Some of these challenges can be mitigated by having the right materials combined with the right package design.

Market requirements for heterogeneous integration highlighted in grey are<br>
 application specific, while the requirements in red apply across different markets, to be<br>
 presented at ConFab 2018.
Figure 2: Requirements highlighted in grey are application specific, while the
requirements in red apply across different markets.

To learn more about how heterogeneous integration technologies will be used in advanced data centers, network systems, future smart phones, and medical, industrial and lifestyle internet of things applications, be sure to attend this important panel discussion at the ConFab 2018.

The ConFab is an exclusive, invitation-only, 3-day event that provides C-suite executives with a unique opportunity to network and share knowledge and insight on everything from economics to new technology developments that support the latest trends driving semiconductor device manufacturing. Now in its 14th year, the program for ConFab 2018 has been designed to address a new era of change and growth in the semiconductor industry, driven by a plethora of applications that require, among other things, significant improvements in connectivity and more intelligent data analysis. This year’s speaker line-up hails from such well-known companies as Google, Cisco, Qualcomm, NVidia, IBM, Intel, GlobalFoundries, NASA, Siemens, SK Hynix, Qorvo, and more.