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Boric Acid-Free Nickel Electroplating: Another REACH Challenge

January 22, 2018

Nickel electroplating using boric acid is no longer EU REACH compliantEU REACH continues to identify and act potentially harmful substances; boric acid and borate salts may face increased restriction. Dow is developing boric acid replacement electrolytes for nickel, with boric acid-free nickel plating already demonstrated.

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Tailoring Copper Plating for Vias on IC Package Substrates

November 28, 2017


IC substrate manufacturers must innovate to be competitive in a landscape where feature dimensions continue to shrink. Copper plating chemistries optimized for IC substrates is one step manufacturers can take toward achieving their production goals.

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How Silver Catalysts Enhance PCB Manufacturing

October 31, 2017

silvercatalystsenhancePCBmanufacturingUsed in many applications, silver catalysts provide a balance of features: good catalytic activity, high electrical conductivity, modest cost, and good process stability. As such, they are increasingly being explored for use in PCB manufacturing.

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Flexible PCBs for Smartphones Need New Metallization Processes

September 26, 2017

Although cell phones aren't flexible, they are increasingly utilizing flexible PCBs to fit all required components into small form factors.

Consumers are demanding ever-more functionality and battery life from their smartphones, which is driving a need for flexible PCBs (FPCBs). This article looks at design considerations of metallization processes for FPCBs, which will enable future devices.

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Press-Fit Solutions Address Future Automotive Reliability Requirements

September 06, 2017

Dow’s solderless press-fit solutions address next generation automotive reliability requirements.Automotive electronics have long had to meet demanding reliability standards. As a result, automotive PCBs, with millions of through holes, are migrating towards solderless press-fit interconnection solutions as an alternative to soldering.

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Advanced Via Fill for HDI Applications

August 01, 2017

Continuous innovation in advanced via fill will enable new HDI applications.The smart phone market is driving improved via fill for HDI substrates, but it will also be needed for several emerging electronics markets. Continuous innovation in copper via fill is needed to meet new requirements.

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The Future Is Cadmium-Free – Bright and Safe!

July 27, 2017

LEDScreenQuantumDotsA key trend in electronics manufacturing is reducing the use of potentially harmful materials, such as cadmium. As a result, major global display manufacturers are moving away from cadmium-based QDs and committing to adopt cadmium-free QDs technology.

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Inkjet Masking Reduces Gold Usage (and Cost) in Connectors

July 19, 2017

Inkjet masking reduces gold usage and cost in connectors. 

In the electrical connector industry, gold is frequently used because of its conductivity. Given its cost, there is a strong manufacturing need for a more effective masking procedure that can be carried out rapidly and offers improved resolution in reel-to-reel production.

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Developing the Chinese Semiconductor Industry Ecosystem

May 25, 2017

Two people inspect a flexible electronic circuit board at a facility in South China that is part of the growing China semiconductor ecosystem.

With rapid growth occurring in the Chinese semiconductor industry, George Lu posits that the country needs to build out a complete supply chain to compete globally for advanced node manufacturing.

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Role of Additives and Cu Purity in Advanced Package Reliability

May 02, 2017

Cu plating and additives have a major role in achieving advanced package reliability for next-generation mobile devices.

Part 2 of our series on metallization examines the impact high density fan-out (HD FO), 2.5D and 3D packaging has on Cu plating requirements, and the role additives play in meeting requirements for advanced package reliability.

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