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Dow Prepares for the 2018 SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference

January 29, 2018

A packed suitcase in front of a plane. The Dow Lithography team is packing their bags for the 2018 SPIE Advanced Lithography conference.The SPIE Advanced Lithography conference is known for leading-edge technical research. In 2018, Dow will present on: improving performance through LWR analysis; the trade-offs of shot noise, LER and RLS; and innovative SiARC materials for implant lithography.

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Boric Acid-Free Nickel Electroplating: Another REACH Challenge

January 22, 2018

Nickel electroplating using boric acid is no longer EU REACH compliantEU REACH continues to identify and act potentially harmful substances; boric acid and borate salts may face increased restriction. Dow is developing boric acid replacement electrolytes for nickel, with boric acid-free nickel plating already demonstrated.

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Dow and DuPont Previewed Future Display Technologies at IMID 2017

December 11, 2017

IMIDbooth1017_v1The possibilities for future display technologies are seemingly endless, from OLED to flexible to quantum dot. Together Dow and DuPont recently showcased how they are advancing high performance displays with the latest materials innovations.

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Tailoring Copper Plating for Vias on IC Package Substrates

November 28, 2017


IC substrate manufacturers must innovate to be competitive in a landscape where feature dimensions continue to shrink. Copper plating chemistries optimized for IC substrates is one step manufacturers can take toward achieving their production goals.

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Dow and DuPont to Exhibit at Productronica

November 02, 2017


With the merger of Dow and DuPont freshly completed, this year’s Productronica show, taking place Nov. 14-17 in Munich, Germany, represents the first opportunity to meet with the companies post-merger. So, what will change moving forward?

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How Silver Catalysts Enhance PCB Manufacturing

October 31, 2017

silvercatalystsenhancePCBmanufacturingUsed in many applications, silver catalysts provide a balance of features: good catalytic activity, high electrical conductivity, modest cost, and good process stability. As such, they are increasingly being explored for use in PCB manufacturing.

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Nitta Haas Receives Siltronic's Long-Term Partner Award for Polishing Materials

October 30, 2017

Senior leaders from Siltronic AG present the Supplier of the Year award to representatives from Nitta Haas and Dow’s CMP Technologies business. One of the strongest endorsements of a company’s performance and product quality is through industry supplier awards. Dow is proud to announce that its joint venture Nitta Haas has received Siltronic's Long-Term Partner Award for polishing materials.

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Dow to Discuss Tin Whiskers and HDI Electroplating at 2017 IMPACT Conference

October 16, 2017

TinwhiskersandHDIelectroplatingarehottopicsforIMPACT2017Examining the “IMPACT on Intelligent Everything,” this year's IMPACT conference will feature papers from Dow on the latest technological advances for tin whiskers and HDI electroplating.

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Flexible PCBs for Smartphones Need New Metallization Processes

September 26, 2017

Although cell phones aren't flexible, they are increasingly utilizing flexible PCBs to fit all required components into small form factors.

Consumers are demanding ever-more functionality and battery life from their smartphones, which is driving a need for flexible PCBs (FPCBs). This article looks at design considerations of metallization processes for FPCBs, which will enable future devices.

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Press-Fit Solutions Address Future Automotive Reliability Requirements

September 06, 2017

Dow’s solderless press-fit solutions address next generation automotive reliability requirements.Automotive electronics have long had to meet demanding reliability standards. As a result, automotive PCBs, with millions of through holes, are migrating towards solderless press-fit interconnection solutions as an alternative to soldering.

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